After we talked about the Value Bet, it’s time to understand how it works the Sure Bet. One Sure Bet is nothing more, nothing less than a guaranteed bet / winning the game. When there is a large discrepancy odds in various sports betting simultaneously, it is possible to create a Sure Bet in order to win the bet, regardless of the final outcome of the game or event itself.


How to calculate a Sure Bet?


Imagine the following scenario, a football game of the Champions League:


Bookmakers               Milan           Draw             Chelsea
Bet365                         1.9                3.1                   4.2
Dhoze                          1.6                3.4                     6


Formula to calculate Sure Bet: 1 / 1.9 + 1 / 3.4 + 1/6 = 0,987 <1


Using the previous formula for calculating a Sure Bet, we have a very positive outcome in this scenario in concrete. In this example, we can fit a secure profit 2,45EUR whatever the outcome of the meeting. To achieve this, you must use some calculations to decide which values to bet on each of the results. In this case we would have to bet 100 euros in Milan at Bet365, bet 55,80EUR on Chelsea in Dhoze and 31,67EUR for draw in Dhoze too. Extracting the results, we would have:


– Result in the case of victory, of Milan:

Bet365: Profit = 100 * (1.9 -1) = 90 euros
Dhoze: loss = 55.88 + 31.67 = 87.55 euros
Gross profit = 90 – 87.55 = 2.45 euros


– Result in the case of Draw:

Bet365: Loss = 100 euros
Dhoze: Profit = 55.88 * (3.4 -1) – 31.67 = 102.45 euros
Profit total = 102.45 -100 = 2.45 euros


– Result if Chelsea win:

Bet365: Loss = 100 euros
Dhoze: Profit = 31.67 * (6 -1) -55.88 = 102.45 euros
Profit total = 102.45 -100 = 2.45 euros


The Sure Bets necessarily have to be calculated when using two or more bookmakers, as the bookmakers apply a margin of benefit to their probabilities, which means you need to find the value in the odds fixed between different houses. For the standard Sure Bets tend to vary between 0 and 5% of the amount bet, although in some instances to achieve opportunities in which surebets reach 15% even though they are difficult to find.


How to Find a Sure Bet?


Find a Sure Bet is not easy, much less simple. Although you can calculate a Sure Bet manually using statistics and calculations presented above, the truth is that it is quite difficult and demanding to process so much information, probabilities, and perform mathematical calculations effectively to be able to find a safe bet. There are sites on the internet, as the OddsExchange and Oddsportal, for example, offering Sure Bets notification services, but actually are not 100% reliable because of the constant fluctuation of odds in the market.


The ideal in these cases is you conduct a search for the account and register, comparing the different probabilities of bookmakers, and putting all this data in an Excel spreadsheet, for example. Using the formula given above, you can find sometimes discrepancies between the various bookmakers, and thus perform a safe bet.


Please note also, that when calculating a Sure Bet, you will automatically be spending all your money from a bookmaker to another, as we have seen in the previous example. Choose well your bookmakers, not to incur the risk of working with less reliable homes. We recommend you see our list of Online Betting Houses who is constantly being updated with only the houses of safe bets and more professionals in the market, ensuring reliability in the processing of your payouts and wagers.


Tips and Risks of a Sure Bet


In a betting strategy of this type are almost always associated risks, strategies to try to find safe bets with greater ease. We talked about earlier of like finding a Sure Bet, although it is important to consider a few aspects and risks associated with this type of online sports betting strategy. Take note:


– Observe the rules of the bookmakers. Every bookmaker has specific rules for meetings, so you need to keep this in mind when you bet on two houses to get a Sure Bet;


– Open an account in several bookmakers, to benefit from the different probabilities (odds) offered in each. We recommend that you follow our bookmakers recommendations;


– An internet connection is essential to accomplish bets in a short period of timeand high response. The bookmakers have a delay of about 5 to 10 seconds for bets to be validated, so you need to keep this in mind too;


– Pay attention also to the adaptability of bookmakers. Many of these companies increase or lower your odds fairly quickly, so if you want to hunt one Sure Bet, you have to be faster than them;


– Always check that the maximum and minimum amounts of bets in different houses, so you can carry your money from a bookmaker to another with a Sure Bet;


Following these basic principles, you will have more security when carrying out their bets on Sure Bets, minimizing risk and increasing your odds of being successful.


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