Anyone who wants to start in the online betting should really know what is your focus: if you want to bet for money or for fun. From this it appears many other questions, so this tutorial we try to clarify some of these questions. The stakes can easily mess with human feelings, as many imagine to earn money easily, fast, amusing and yet without making any effort, however, are mistaken those who think that a successful bettor does efforts, or which began to gain money quickly.


If your choice is the fun, we should logically conclude that most likely who entertains no effort in this fun, does not have focus, do not spend a lot of time, it does not prioritize and consequently invests little money as it is just a diversion. A person with conscience will not invest a lot of money to have fun with a bet of a sports weekend, since if you are investing high then the focus is on financial returns and this is just a fun for an investment.


Many even confuse bets on sports with games of chance despite not having anything to do one thing with another and be two types of distinct bets. Still many confuse because some actually do sports betting in a game of chance, since they place their bets without first making any analysis and without understanding the sport, the league or the teams that are playing. The consequence will be the loss and maybe even a possible indictment against online gambling. We must understand that the fun will just return with fun – we can give the example of a soccer player who is very well paid. If the player only think of the fun and stop training, to have good hours of sleep, to rest before the games and do not do what their coaches ask, you can end up being fired from the club – but the principle is the same, other words, if we think only in fun, not get nowhere, financially speaking. But as mentioned earlier, if your focus is the fun so enjoy but do not expect large financial returns.


If your goal is financial return, first of all understand that as in any profession in the world, many people are not born to make money betting on sports, and many people were not born to be a basketball player, artist or seller. But if you think you have the ability to profit from online gambling and want a good financial return here are some excellent advice:


Prove your ability


If you think you can hold before it, it proves that you really have. This evidence can come from a very safe way, making low value bets but based on analysis and knowledge, and of course, doing this for a few months. Then just do the financial statement and find out if you are making a profit or not. It is a simple and safe way to find out if you really can or not profit from betting. If it is proven that you do not have great capacity to properly analyze the game, even better is you dedicate yourself to the online bets the aspect of fun.


Make a good management of banking


If you actually managed to make a profit and want to start with bigger bets to obtain a greater financial return, first of all, make a good management of your bankroll. This basically means you split your capital investment. If you start your campaign with 300 Euros to start betting, then divide that amount by a certain number of bets. We recommend that this number is a minimum of 30 shares, meaning you have 30 stakes of 10 Euros, could soon have a wide margin of error and hardly come to lose all your money. It is common for a person to deposit 300 Euros and then perform two bets of 150 Euros or three bets 100 Euros. In fact this is completely crazy and surely, sooner or later you will lose your money. We must understand that even the best gamblers in the world can profit if they work this way. Create a management system of its banking stakes to be really effective, otherwise you will have many difficulties to survive in this world.


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Bet what you know


Bet on sports that you really understand the league and you follow. It is common for new players let themselves be carried away by offers from bookmakers, and when dominate for example only football, end up betting on other sports such as tennis or basketball, getting carried away by emotion and making bets without any based study. The chances of losing are very large in these cases, and sooner or later the profits that this person had with the football ends up being lost in other sports that does not dominate simply because it was carried away by emotion at the time of betting.


Choose your area of operation


Decide if you will bet on Sports, Casino or Poker. Often a gambler profit in Sport and then go to venture into the casino. Understand what kind of gambler you are, what your area and how you bet. Choosing a business area, you must stay true to this principle. Many are punters who lose their bankroll in luck or games of chance when in fact its strong were the online betting. Stay away from that, or simply decide where to invest your time and money.


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Bets by motivation or money?


The financial return is closely linked with its motivation. If you are a gambler with possibilities, will hardly pleased to make a bet of 100 Euros and get 80 Euros for example profit. However, for a common gambler, winning 80 Euros a single bet is certainly motivating and above all rewarding. You have to find this middle ground between motivation and money, in order not to have to risk so much at the beginning of your betting career. One way to get around this is to start with a panel of bets and not surveying. As your bankroll grows, you will have greater possibilities to go on increasing the amount per bet, generating more profit and also increased motivation while bettor.


Follow the professionals


Sites like our online betting houses are a very great help for beginners and professional punters. Here there are people prepared and accompanying the football 24 hours a day, always offering a professional analysis of each match. The user benefit is that to access the betting predictions have all the game information in summary form and easily accessible as well as the characteristics of each team, injuries, history between the teams, or if any team is to save players because of another competition which is to be held. In short all kinds of help that is within our reach. In addition to the gambling itself, there are several other teachings about anything that involves a bookmaker and all that is of interest to the user / bettor.


Have a great emotional control


Control anxiety is another key aspect in the world of online betting. A good example is the gambler who normally conducts studies of European championships and when the season ends, is anxious and miss the games to bet. You need here to get the error. When the gambler does not want to run out place bets, decides to invest your money at football matches in South America or in other sports, and ends up losing money. It is recommended that the bettor has an overview of Football, but if you want to place bets during the periods in which the European championship are not taking place, should begin preparing for several months before, analyzing the team in South America and not base their lack of study only on the will of betting, which normally causes the bettor invest money in leagues that actually does not even know. Often such a mishap could compromise their profit several months of work.


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Enjoy betting Live


The live odds if analyzed carefully and competently, can be transformed into great allies of the bettor. This analysis should be performed before starting the game, so that the event starts, you have a good foundation and sense of what’s happening on the field. This study is based on to what has been explained here, that is, it is recommended that you wager a championship you know really well, who knows the clash between teams and especially their own teams, who know what the initial elevens, who is suspended if the main players will play, which teams that are fighting for top positions, the history between the teams, weather, etc. That way you have a good foundation and the beginning of the match can compare this your vision about what this really happening in the game. A good example would be a game between Chelsea X Barcelona, where according to his analysis, Chelsea will win the match, but Barcelona will play more defensively and controller, which leads us to believe that despite Chelsea to be favorite, the goals may take some time to happen, perhaps at the end of the first half and early in the second, which will make the odds for Chelsea will go up and then we can improve the odds in Chelsea win, and earn more money that. Of course, a football match anything can happen and goals can happen in the first minute, however, you can take advantage of this situation to profit from the live betting.

Despite the teachings, it is known that many punters enjoy the In-Play betting without any study, is presented by the amount of odds, it’s because the game is taking on television, is simply because it is an opportunity to make easy money. However, bet on a football game without an early rigorous study, as a rule, is the best way to lose money.


Use a fixed amount per bet


Always use the same amount of money for all their bets. Set a value and to always bet the same amount. This is a mathematical principle that you must follow. We often hear stories of punters who were certain that Team A would win the game and leaving this false certainty, the bettor increases four times your normal bet amount. In case of loss, the work to recover the lost money will be large and painful. Following the example of a person who bet 100 Euros, increasing four times and bet 400 Euros in one bet, if lost, will have to make 6 bets of 100 correct Euros, with an odd of 1.70 in order to recover the lost bet. In addition to this danger the bettor risks despair and perform another bet 400 Euros to try to recover the lost money faster. When it comes into despair, it is normal to be nervous and impatient, feeling that further increase the chances of loss. Thus, it is possible to lose a panel of bets in a few days, when in fact the punter committed only one error, mistake this serious and completely out of context.


Heart team and Multiple


Care to bet on the heart team or multiple bets. The danger of focusing on the heart team, is that in fact the passion for this team can hurt you in time for a cold, calculating analysis of the game. Ideally, the player did not mix feelings with intelligence in time to place bets. Many gamblers choose the other way, to bet in the defeat of rivals or a team that recently won a competition or eliminated their heart team. If the bettor do not deal with this feeling, it is recommended that not bet on any game where your favorite team is in evidence and so direct your focus to the other games in order to be less impacted.


Already multiples, easily attract punters by towering odd, which makes many bettors lose reason and only look at the value of the odds. Usually how these odds are too high, the bettor invests less money, which somehow can undermine your profit and gradually cause you to lose money earned with their single bets. One way around this is to perform a detailed analysis of its performance with single bets and betting individual, to realize how much you spent with multiples, which was the profit and loss, and then see if it really continue to invest in this type of betting.


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Online betting can be logically interpreted as a diversion or as a business with financial return. The choice is and always will be yours. However, you must have the above topics always consider, to avoid making unnecessary mistakes, like betting on football games without analysis, lose money, then try to get it back the same way, without analyzing the matches and without studying properly the games. The balance between passion for sports and intelligence and methodology when carrying out bets is essential if the results are positive as possible.



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