The Martingale method was created by casino players in the 18th century, and serves primarily as a betting system that allows you to double the value of your bet consecutively to hit one of the bets and then start the cycle from the beginning. The Martingale method, the bettor initiates a series of multiple bets in which will doubling your bet to hit one of those bets, and then start the cycle again. This method was and is mostly used in game situations where the probability of victory is 50/50, such as Roulette (Black and Red) casinos. However, this method of betting also can be used in online sports betting, any rollers help achieve long-term profits.


The only problem Martingale method is the requirement of a bank with enough capital. If you lose a relatively large following of betting, the player must have enough capital to double consecutively your bets.


the Martingale method boils down basically to double the value of the previous bet, up to a winning bet, which will recover all previously losing bets and start profiting from the system. Even in a situation of 5 bets lost consecutively, you can recover the money bet in the sixth.


However, it is necessary to take into account some aspects when using the Martingale:

– No betting system is foolproof, as with the Martingale;
– The vast majority of bookmakers have limits worth only bets by losing several consecutive bets probably will not bet the desired value;
– You must have a relatively large banking.


Taking this into consideration, you can make money from Martingale, but it is necessary to have some strategy and weighting, otherwise the bank disappears with some speed. We advise you to test the Martingale method, first do it using stakes of 1 Euro, for example, giving greater confidence to their bets and consequently the implementation of the method.


The following formula allows you to calculate the amount of your bets is as follows:


Amount wagered = (P + L) / (Q-1)


Legend of the calculation:

P = cumulative amount of earlier losses
L = desired Profit
Q = decimal Quota


Considering that the value of the sixth bet is about 32 times higher than the initial value, some consideration is needed to use the Martingale, especially because the acceleration is fast enough, and a small bank may be catastrophic. Therefore, to try the method, do it with lower values in order to adjust their strategies. This method can be easily applied in their routine of sports betting, and the only thing you need to do, is to double the value of your first bet consecutively. You can do this even in football betting.


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