A good gambler is one who can manage his betting bankroll the best possible way. Independently, if you be good to perform predictions betting, have a bankroll management is essential to achieve succeed in sports betting. If you do not knowledge the level of bankroll management, consider reading this our tutorial in order to understand better how to manage your bankroll and always have capital to make your bets.


To begin, you must realize how bankroll management works and what the terms associated with this financial management. Banking or Bankroll is the total amount of money you have available to make your sports betting. Stake: is the level of confidence you have when making a prediction or a guess where a Stake of 1 bit is confident and Stake 10 is very confident. The Stakes scale is normally done 0-10 to measure the confidence to bet on the result that is predicted. Full stake: It is the percentage of bankroll you can / should invest in a particular bet, depending on your performance in terms of forecasts and results. The better shape your average performance, the greater will be your Full Stake. The Full Stake is normally placed in percentages, of the type 5% or 10% for cases of low and high performance. Bet more than 10% of bets banking value is never recommended, even if you are an experienced or novice bettor.


Different levels of the Stake


To understand more easily how does it work the Stake in sports betting, we analyze the different existing levels and how they work in terms of bankroll management. To properly manage your bankroll bettor you need to be nimble in terms of stakes, other words, you bet just 10 when really have much confidence in his prognosis, and use lower Stakes guesses for what you consider to be correct but I do not trust blindly. Consider:


– Stake of 1 or 2. Usually one Stake so low means you do not have much confidence in the guess that is to be realized, either because you are betting an underdog or because the probability of your bet is too high.


– Stake of 3. Usually one Stake 3 also means that there is not much confidence in the type of bet and / or that there is little information available to analyze a certain date. To achieve good results in sports betting, you need a lot of information about to have the teams and games, so when this happens, the Stake has to be forcibly down to avoid unnecessary risks.


– Stake of 4, 5 or 6. These three levels of Stake are normally the most used in sports betting, and indicate that the player is aware of the event that is to be analyzed, but bet moderately to avoid making unnecessary mistakes or risks . Usually, when you get enough information about a particular game and diagnoses a possible outcome, you use a Stake between levels 4 and 6 depending on the confidence in the outcome.


– Stake of 7 or 8. A Stake as high should be used especially when you find amazing opportunities betting as a Sure Bet, or a Value Bet. In both cases, it is possible to realize a Stake level 7 or 8, as confidence in the final result is normally quite high.


– Stake 9. One Stake 9 provides that you have virtually assured that his prognosis is correct and therefore have immense confidence in the final result expected. For a Stake of this type apply the same rules on Sure Bets Bets and Value.


– Stake of 10. Usually one Stake of 10 indicates that the player has the absolute certainty that you will win your bet. Use a Stake as high should happen very rarely and only when you really sure that your bet will be won.


Unfortunately many bettors make unnecessary mistakes in managing their banking, such as use Stakes of 9 and 10 in predictions where the confidence level is not that high. You need to have balance in the use of stakes so high, otherwise the results will not be satisfactory and the more likely you consume your playing bankroll quickly, not seeing results useful addition.


Types of Bankroll Management


Now that we know how the stakes and what the different levels that exist, it is time to put them into practice. A Stake is basically a level of confidence in a bet, but it is not a bet To make their sports betting by using bankroll management methods, a little more than set a Stake is required. There are two well-known banking management methods and widely used by the industry of sports betting, and are precisely those that we recommend you to explore more carefully. Consider:


Linear management


Linear Management betting bankroll is the most common method used in sports betting. In this type of method, the full Stake divided linearly into 10 equal parts. To calculate a Stake a bet, you must use a small mathematical formula so that you know precisely what value should bet on a certain result, depending on your confidence level (Stake) and performance while bettor (Full Stake) . Consider: If your Full Stake is 40 Euros, and its prognosis is a stake level of 6, then the amount you should bet on this outcome is equal to 40 * 6/10 = 24 Euros.


Exponential management


The Exponential Bankroll Management is a more professional bankroll management method and used by professional gamblers worldwide. However, it is a banking management system lightly more complex than the previous one. On exponential management, your Full Stake will also be divided into 10 parts, each part varies exponentially according to the degree of confidence you have in your betting prognosis. To calculate the value of a bet using the exponential management, you must use the following mathematical formula: Stake (x) = FullStake * coefficient (10-x). Here’s an example: If your Full Stake is 10 Euros and the coefficient of 0.67 and its prognosis are a level of Stake 7, then the amount you should bet on this prognosis is 10 * 0.67 (3 ) = 3.01 Euros.


Money in several online betting houses


On top of all existing methods, it is also recommended that you have equity available in several online betting houses, since it is common to find a lot different probabilities between each. By having several stands available in various bookmakers, you have the ability to choose which bookmaker you plan to make their sports betting for a particular event. This type of management of multiple game stands, is also a way for you to earn more money by taking advantage of the best odds offered by different bookmakers.


Bankroll Management by type of Sport


Another aspect important to bankroll management level is without doubt the analysis different kind of sport. You while bettor is probably better in a given sport than in another (Ex .: Football and Tennis). To manage more accurately to his betting bankroll, it is advisable that you have separate newsstands by type of sport and its level in each of them. therefore, their performance while in Tennis bettor games, will not affect your bankroll betting on football or tennis.


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