Make your first bet at Bet365 is extremely simple. You can enjoy the bonus of 50 Euros for new players that Bet365 offers, and start in the world of online sports betting with a reasonably large banking and thereby achieve better results in their first bets. The registration process is totally free, and if you intend to get the bonus of 50 Euros, we recommend you make a minimum deposit of 50 Euros as well. That way it will immediately be 100 Euros to start implementing their strategies and hints sport events at Bet365.


Bet365 is currently one of the houses more reliable betting market, offering above average odds, a support service to the customer really fantastic, and a super wide offer of sports and betting opportunities. If there bookmaker with available markets, Bet365 is surely it. In addition, Bet365 is also considered one of the best bookmakers for those wishing to start up in this world, by offering an extremely simple and intuitive interface. To better understand how to place your first bet at Bet365, follow our step-by-step tutorial:



On entering the page Bet365, there is plenty of information available to new players. However, we highlighted two areas for you to understand how the homepage of Bet365 works and what it should do to begin to make their bets this bookmaker. On the left is the “Start” menu, which contains all sports or sporting events. We selected “Soccer”, but you can select another sport any, if you feel more comfortable.


In the center, also on the homepage of Bet365, you will see many of the games featured and live broadcast this bookmaker. These games allow you to place bets at the time and live, if you are interested in performing live betting at Bet365.




By clicking the “soccer” menu, you can view all options of championships and events related to the world of soccer, all European championships and International, and even the UEFA competitions. In this step, you must click on the league name you wish to view the available bets.


For example, we selected “UK” to visualize all Soccer games available in uk to gambling and we selected the “barclays premier league” to increase the specificity of the competition in question.




To choose your bet on Bet365, there are 3 options. The values 1 X 2 represent the Victory Team House, Draw and Team outsider win. To choose which of the three options you want, you must click on the probability value (odd) for each of these types of results. We selected the game Arsenal – West Ham, and choose the victory of the west Ham, away from home, with 8/1 probability.


The value 8/1 is the probability value for the victory of the West Ham in the game. This means, if we invest 10 Euros in the west Ham win, we will win 90.00 Euros.




Selecting the West Ham option 8/1, the bet is automatically placed in your newsletter betting that is on your right side of the Bet365 website. In the “Bet” field, you must put the value you want to bet on this result (victory of west ham, for example.) And will appear the value of the “gains” which represent how much you will win if West Ham win at Arsenal.


To place your bet in play, you should then click on the “Place Bet” button, so that the Bet365 process your bet and it stands automatically in the system waiting for the final result of the game.


Do not forget that while performing your first bet on Bet365 is extremely easy, it’s important that you go searching the site and properly analyzing its operation. Do not forget also that it is important you do not always bet your entire bankroll, but a small part of the amount you have available, so if you fail your bet, are able to recover their money with the following bets.




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