If you are looking for ways to make your multiple bets at Bet365, then certainly we came to the right place. If you have no real notion of how multiples of Bet365, please follow this our tutorial to begin taking their first bets in this sports betting site. A multiple bet is a bet that depends not only a result, but of several. You can place multiple bets from 2 games or more, and forcibly must match in all the results so that your bet is deemed correct. Do you have a sequence of several games to hit.


A multiple bet is no more than the multiplication of the probabilities of all the single bets you select. You can also combine different bets of different sports on a multiple bet, such as betting on soccer and Tennis simultaneously. Imagine the following scenario:


Real Madrid vs Barcelona: Real Madrid win (odd 2.5)
Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer: Novak Djokovic wins (Odd 2.20)
Juventus vs Inter: less than 2.5 goals (Odd 1.90)
Total Odds: 2.5 x 2.20 x 1.90 = 10.45


This means that for every € 1 wagered, you earn € 10.45 profit. While multiples are extremely profitable in terms of probabilities, they have also considerably more risk than a simple bet. Still, Bet365 offers excellent conditions for make multiple bets on your site, and that is precisely what we will analyze below. Do not forget that in the example used above, you necessarily have to hit the three predictions for your bet to be considered right.




The first step should be to choose your favorite sport and/or various sports where you want to place your bets who later formed their multiple bet. The site of Bet365 is quite simple and intuitive. On the left is the vertical menu with all the sports available at the online betting house. Just click on the option you want to automatically open the options menu of this sport. For illustrative purposes, we have selected the soccer sport on the left side of the menu, to start the selection of our bets which we put in a multiple.




After we select our sport, we will then open the various options available for this sport at Bet365. In this case, we will open the various options soccer championships, so we have to select the championship where we want to put our bets. For multiple purposes, we will select two games of united kingdom championship, will take place in the next round. To move forward in our options, click where it says “Barclays premier league in order to visualize the different soccer games available for betting.


multiple bets


Opening the selection of the united kingdom of the championship, we have available the various games that will take place in the next round of the championship. To be able to perform a multiple bet on Bet365, as mentioned earlier, it is necessary we select more than one game. For illustrative purposes, we have selected a draw in the match Arsenal vs West Ham with odds of 4/1 and the victory of Tottenham in the game Man. United vs Tottenham to a odds of 9/2. As we can easily see the following calculation we spoke initially, our multiple will have odds of 4/1 x 9/2 = 26.5/1. This means that for every €1 we put this multiple bet on Bet365, we will get back €26.5.


multiple bets


In selecting our bets, they are automatically placed on the right sidebar of the site Bet365, where our betting slip. In this case, we have to open the menu “Options Multiple Bets” for seeing the odds available and performing just a bet for these two games simultaneously. This means that to get right our multiple bet on Bet365, we must hit the result of both games. If not acertemos in both games, our bet is considered incorrect.


As we see in “Doubles” option, which they are made with more than a game, we have available a odd 26.5/1 for the sum of both games we have selected, and as such, put € 20 on this bet, that is the case correct, will return us something like € 20 x 26.5/1 = € 530. An excellent profit for a multiple bet of just two games. Obviously this is just an example, so you must make their multiple bets at Bet365 in the events they consider most relevant to you. Combine various events and games simultaneously, which can achieve excellent odds elsewhere would be virtually impossible.


We recommend for example to try start making multiple bets at Bet365 with only 2 games. Multiplying two games with odds of 1/5, for example, you have the chance to win €1.5 for each €1 bet, minimizing your risk bet, and clearly increasing the probability value of the stakes.


Now is make your own multiple bets tests and create winners newsletters!


We also recommend that never bet the full amount of your bankroll, so you do not lose all their money with one multiple bet. Decide a percentage of your bankroll to make their multiples (we recommend a maximum of 15/20%) and only use this value in a single bet. Thus, even if you lose your first multiple bet, you will have more than 80% of your bankroll available to continue to invest and recover your money more easily with well-aimed betting.


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