Horse racing is, without a doubt, the market of sports betting that more money generates daily all over the world. However, it is a sport that has many corners to obscure the majority of bettors, mainly because it is not controlled by the human being but by animals. Betting on horse racing is very easy and can even be very profitable, but for those who never experienced, can be a real adventure. That’s why we decided to come up with a theme that will help clarify the first doubts when it comes to betting on horse racing at Bet365.


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Just like any other sport betting, the first step that you should do, after putting his credentials, is to choose the market. You find the horse races on the first vertical menu on the left side of the Bet365 homepage. As explained in another tutorial on how to bet on horse races, betting on this type of mode, it does not take no expert on animals in order to win some money with horse racing, but there are small details that can help you not make unnecessary mistakes and these mistakes are that try to teach to avoid.


horse races


To enter the horseracing menu and access different options and available markets, you must click in the “Horse Racing” which is on the left side menu of the Bet365 homepage, as noted in red in the image above.


horse racing


In the picture placed above, will have the first contact with the market of Horse Racing at Bet365. This is a market with many options and so should be viewed with many precautions before making any move.


First of all, you must make sure that part of the world will take place in the races you wish to bet. The races in the UK are normally races with higher turnover involved. However, as the Bet365 is a online betting house and not a stock market, there should be no great distinction between the races in the United Kingdom and the races in the United States, South Africa or Australia, because we are making bets against their bookmaker.


Still, and to illustrate this tutorial, we decided to choose the horse races in UK & Ireland, so you should select just the top page of the “UK & Ireland” option. By selecting the option, you will find further three important options:


UK / IRL – Next Three – Here you will find, as the name implies, the information about the next 3 races to compete in the UK. It is on this issue in particular that we will focus on in this tutorial.

Tuesday´s Racing – this topic, especially in the inherent option that is “Favorites and Remaining” will have the option to make a kind of multiple bet. In this case you have two options. Betting on favorites to win, and if any of them win, you win your bet. Or betting on “The field”, ie, the underdogs horses and then wins if the favorite can not win. On another occasion we explain this kind of bets over the background.

Wednesday´s racing (or any other day of the week) – this topic is just below the name of the race and the time the odds of the horses to the desired race. And then forwarded to the coupon of the race when you click on one of the odd’s concerned.


bet horce races


As we mentioned earlier in this tutorial in particular we give greater prominence to the topic “UK / IRL – Next Three” because this is where all the action unfolds. In the upper left corner of the image you find important information such as the time of the race and the race track where it is conducted. It is also found on the right side the race type, which in this particular case is only a small running 5f, it means, for fast horses or sprinters.


Further down you will find a detail always taken into account for those who like to visualize the live races, which is the equipment of Jockey. In this case, the jockey who will command the horse “Perfect Words” will use green and white sweater with yellow hat.


you still find the current odds and earlier odds that may indicate if punters are to consider that the horse in question is and is not overvalued. When a previous odd with much less than the current value is odd reason to be suspicious of it. There may be information, which had no access, about injuries in horse or waiver of the same race. In these cases it is best not to bet on that horse.


live race horse


Then the center in the image, you will find a detail that, in our opinion, and when it comes to horse racing, is the difference between Bet365 and other bookmakers. The button “Watch” you can visualize the last race held by that horse. This option is valuable, as it may examine whether the horse is realemente strong and is a good terminator racing, something that can be a deciding factor in choosing your bet. For those who like to invest time in the study to place a bet, this is a fundamental detail.


Taking advantage of all the information in this tutorial, you should be ready to put their first bet on horse races. To select your bet, click the option you want, for example, your bet will be the horse “Perfect Words” to win with odds of 20/1, and on the right, where it says “Bet Slip“, choose the value of your bet. In this case we chose to bet 100EUR, which would give us 2100EUR profit in case of victory of that horse. To place your bet on Bet365, click the “Place Bet” button marked in yellow!


place bet


Do not forget also that it is important you do not always bet your entire bankroll, but a small part of the amount you have available, so if you fail your bet, are able to recover their money with the following bets.


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