If you are to start in the world of sports betting, probably the first question I realized it was – how to choose a bookmaker? – Since there are many bookmakers available, and it is sometimes difficult to understand what criteria to consider when choosing a home where betting deposit your money, and how sure you are faced with a reliable company and that gives you security when carrying out their bets, make deposits and cash withdrawals, but also offers above average odds for you to make their sports betting smoothly. Many beginners or inexperienced players tend to choose the bookmakers for the amount of the bonus they offer, when in reality there are a number of other criteria that are more important than the bonus itself.


To help in the selection of the bookmaker where to start to make their bets, we have compiled this tutorial to guide you in the correct analysis to bookmakers on the market. Read on and make your choice right of way, so as not to regret in the future, the bad decisions made today. As experts in the field, we recommend you only the best companies and strategies for you to succeed in this highly competitive world that is sports betting.


Read bookmakers analysis


To begin selecting a bookmaker, you should first read the analyzes by experts to these same bookmakers. A detailed analysis of a bookmaker points you the pros and cons to make their bets in a particular bookmaker, including also extremely important in terms of technical details information, deposit methods, survey methods, information on types of bets , analysis of readers, etc. The analysis and feedback from a community are always important to gather information on such bookmaker, which will serve you based on your selection and personal analysis. Here on our website, Online Betting Houses, you will find analyzes of homes more reliable betting market, which we recommend you read when deciding how best bookmaker where you deposit your money and start placing bets. Take note:


Review of Bet365
Review Betfair
Review of TitanBet
Review of William Hill
Review of 888 Sport
Review of Dhoze
Review of 10Bet
Review of Unibet
Review of Oddsring
Review of ExclusiveBet


By reading the Reviews you need to take into account all the technical aspects and details of the different bookmakers in order to understand what really are worth, and which can be placed as a second option. Our list of bookmakers is sorted by the most reliable and professional, to ensure you a higher return to the level of average odds, and also greater security when carrying out their bets. If you had not had the opportunity to read our analysis, do so in order to inform better about these bookmakers.


Commissions on deposits


The value of fees on cash deposits is one of the key aspects to consider when choosing a bookmaker, since to be charged for house deposit you make, you will automatically lose money. Industry best bookmakers (ordered in our ranking) as a rule, do not charge commissions or for deposits or withdrawals for, giving you greater freedom when it comes to deposit and withdraw your money. If perchance you are interested in starting to play a bookmaker who charges you incurred both by deposits, and by the surveys, consider changing your choice, opting for a bookmaker that cares about its customers and therefore does not charge you unnecessary commissions and sometimes cause many bettors lose dozen / hundreds of Euros on your earnings.


Deposit methods


Not all bookmakers work the same, so you’ll find on the market bookmakers offering several methods for deposits, while others offer a range of very limited options and little room for selection. Highly professional bookmakers such as Bet365, for example, offer several methods of deposit, including payments by ATM, Paypal, Moneybookers, Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, etc., giving you the possibility to select one that suits you. This type of analysis is also very important, since it influences the decision, and the great majority of bettors. The more options you have available, the better. Moreover, versatile options as payments by ATM or Paypal, give bettors greater freedom when carrying out deposits.


Offer in sports


Another of Reviews you should do understand what goes through the markets where the bookmakers are stronger. If you are interested bettor on horse races for example, know that Bet365 and Betfair are the bookmakers with best offer. However, if you are interested in football betting, bookmakers as 888 Sport and Dhoze become excellent choices as well. Depending on the type of sport you are interested in placing bets, you should opt to choose a particular bookmaker that offers the best conditions for bets on that sport, precisely. Consider specifically the different types available on the market and sports betting comprising those whom they are stronger, analyzing amount of available bets available number of events, average odds offered, etc.


average odds


We also recommend you to do a little analysis to average odds offered by different bookmakers you have at your choice. Compare odds is extremely important to understand what the bookmakers offering the best odds medium, and therefore, will guarantee a higher profit in case of correct predictions. Write a medium using for example an Excel table, and comparing probabilities for a few dozen games / events that considers interesting to analyze. The bookmaker to offer the best average odds will probably be the one that will give you greater guarantees of future income.


Sign up bonus


As one of factors last review, the sign up bonus is also an important factor, obviously. If when registering you have the ability to fit a signup bonus that will allow you, for example, double the amount of your deposit, it is much better. However, you must always keep in mind all the above steps, otherwise the more likely you will eventually deposit money in an unreliable bookmaker. The ideal is to join business with pleasure, that is, open an account in a house in a reliable and professional betting, which offers you both a good sign-up bonuses. We strongly recommend the bonus of 50EUR in Bet365, for example, one of the most reliable bookmakers and safe market.


Website interface


Finally and as an important aspect to take into consideration, site interface is critical not only for you to understand how the bookmaker works, but also so that you can make their sports betting with greater rigor, quality and speed . There bookmakers sites with relatively complex interface point of view and usability, while others offer a user experience simply fantastic, with a huge usability and where the learning curve does not exceed 5 minutes. By analyzing the different bookmakers are available in our site, also consider the site interface of each of them, including the live betting markets which are extremely important in online gambling strategy.


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