Start by choosing the leagues where the favorites win more. This gives you the ability to create a strategy around the strongest teams and you know better. Analyze the data that you collected carefully.


Choose leagues where there are few draws, eliminating just 33% probability of losing your bet. The draws are often a way to lose money, especially for those who play in singles victories.


Choose leagues where there is a good goal average, which guarantees bets Over 2,5 and Over 3.5. There are leagues where the goals are more frequent throughout the entire season.


Regularly bet on the home team. The present study shows you which leagues where home teams win more often. The factor “home” is often essential in online sports betting.


Always know the team’s schedule


Always know if the team where we bet, will have game in European competition, derbys, difficult games, etc. in the following days. Besides having savings unconscious of the players, the coach can save some stars of the team.


Follow variation of odds


Large rise or fall may indicate changes of variables, so the pick must be re-studied. This information can be found at Online Betting Guide (OLBG), a website that offers detailed information about bets that can also be used by players who enjoy online poker game. Use this site or similar sites to increase your chances of winning.


When a “big club” did not win a game, think about betting the next. With few exceptions, the big teams do not fail to win two straight games. Or by pressure from the fans, by playing the bass drum in the resort or at risk of losing the title race, this rarely happens.


Always look for information in international forums or sites of clubs. Factors such as motivation, Last minute injuries, 11 titular, travel time that the team has been playing off and related subject can only be obtained in this way. In addition, the country people concerned usually have more formed opinion about each game that the foreigners. Enjoy and visit our page to stay informed.


Why think of betting on Asian handicaps?


Many people still do not use this type of bets, some bookmakers do not have available handicaps, but are increasingly assuming important.
How many times have we fail to invest because although we think that a team can win, the draw is also possible?
With asian handicaps, if there is a tie there is always return at least part of the bet amount, and in some cases all the wager is returned.
But for full explanation of Asian Handicaps read this article about Asian Handicaps we have here.


How to tell if the odds are in an acceptable range or not?


Crossing the data the way home from the team that will receive the game, with the way out of the visiting team can reach a basis for the odds.


If we assume that the home team in the last 10 home games is 6-3-1 and the away team is 6-3-1 out, we will:


Victory of the home team :: 6 + 5 = 11 in 20 games = 55%
Draw: 3 + 3 = 6 in 20 matches = 30%
Away win: 1 + 2 = 3 in 20 games = 15%


The scheme is to add the concordant results, for example, the number of home team victories with the away team’s defeats.


The odds would then be 1.8; 3.3; 6.65.


If we find odds above this value, then it is probably to take advantage.
Of course then these values can vary giving different values to consonants wins the classifications positions of the opposing teams.
We can also use the h2h as a factor shaping these odds. To make bets on Asian Handicaps, we recommend the houses of bets Bet365, Betfair and Dhoze, offering normally excellent odds for almost all kinds of events.


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