Horse racing is one of the markets that more money moves in the world of online betting. There are several betting markets in horse racing, but before betting on any race, you must know minimally how this market and how to make bets on races in the most rational and intelligent way possible. More than in any other sport, horse racing are controlled by statistics, by having access to relevant statistical data, it will be a huge advantage over other less experienced bettors in horse racing market.


Interpret the data for previous races is indeed a good way to check the running of the race. As in tennis where tennis players are more comfortable in certain types of court, horses also prefer racing at certain levels or distances. The jockey (who runs the horse) is also a determining factor therefore normally a jockey does more than a run per day on different horses. These are also specialists in some distance and the perfect combination of a “super” horse with great jockey may not be enough for success.


To place bets on horse races, there are two bookmakers offering many markets and opportunities with value: Betfair, which is recognized by millions who moves in horse racing every year, and Bet365, which also offers a wide array betting on horse races, especially for the average gambler who want to understand how the world of horse racing, and how to take advantage of this market.


Bet on a horse race


Let’s start by recommending the Timeform Betfair site where you can find all racing results undertaken in recent years. Normally we will speak of the market in races held in England because they are the more money moves and therefore more credible. To make your online bets on horse races, enjoy the bonus 30EUR Betfair and also the bonus of 50EUR Bet365.




This is the interface that will have to become familiar if you want to find the best online betting on horse racing. On this site, as well as be able to find all data on races still have access to predictions basis for every race, the reporting of the same live, and more. To proceed to what, for now, interests you must click the “Cards & Results” option. It’s in the Cards section and results that will start your adventure in this world. As you may notice in the screenshot below, only for the day of writing this article were scheduled 24 races on four different tracks.




Studying the race


To make a capable and calmly study should begin preparing the race with about 3 hours in advance. For this reason, we have decided to choose the race in Thirsk circuit by 21.10. Please note that placing bets without proper preparation, can obviously hurt you not only in banking, but also in terms of the perception of what is a good race for betting and / or where to put your money, so when performing betting on horse races, always keep in mind the three hours in advance, so as to properly study the race, and make their bets in a coherent and logical manner.




When you enter the card of the race, appears huge important and indispensable information for a good analysis of the race. One of the first details on what should notice is the distance of the race. There races since the 5f to race over 3m5f. The distances of the paths differ for racing competition and racecourse for racecourse but are located in most cases between 800 meters in speed trials, up to more than 4000 meters special tests. Distances in “m” and “f” are displayed in miles.


The fastest horses (sprinters) run normally runs between the 5f and 1M1f. From now on, from 2m4f, the races are for more resistant horses or runners. In the case presented above, the race is more resistant to horses and has obstacles (Chase) so it will be a long race and we do not advise betting on the live market, since there is very likely to a horse fall while jumping over the obstacle and your bet fall with it.


Study the horses


Below the image meets Timeform, it means, a basic prognosis based on recent form evidenced by horses. On the same image can activate two optional boxes that you will give more quality information. The box “Comments Timeform” is a small text explaining how have run the latest evidence for that horse and the box “Recent Form” gives us all the information for the analysis of the race as we wanted to bet (see below).




In the picture above appears analyzes the race. With varying odds, we have to be careful consideration. Analyze who is best prepared for this type of distances, who is prepared for longer distances and accelerate at the end or see how many races in a row won the horses, but here we have to see if the horse is used to this race track and has gained, It may be an odd value for anyone looking to make trading on Betfair, while following the race.


After this general analysis to Timeform comes time to put our bets.


That said, it completes our analysis and we can only hope from the last five minutes before the test to see if the odds have not changed significantly. The end result is clearly the most important when it comes to betting on horse races. But the truth is that in horse racing it takes a lot of patience until we get results. Hit 50% of our predictions will give us a pretty good profit, so it is not necessary to give up at first.


To make your online bets on horse races, enjoy the bonus 30EUR Betfair and also the bonus of 50EUR Bet365.


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