Find the value in a bet is, as a rule, a task already difficult. Find value in betting on horse racing can be, for the less experienced, an almost impossible task. That’s why, in this tutorial, we decided to explain all the factors to take into account before making a bet on racing horses. Before we proceed with the explanation, we recall that before any bet, no matter what the sport is, you must perform an exhaustive study of all bets characteristics. In this case, and speaking of the horse racing, the reader should take further precaution it is a complex sport.


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Field of race


The field where dispute the race is normally one of the most decisive factors when we begin to study in that horse race and where we invest. Atmospheric conditions can significantly alter the quality of the floor, making it heavier and thus more difficult for the horse at the level of the race. So we advise you to always be aware of these data because they can directly influence the performance that horse will perform. Typically, racing cards that can find in the Betfair already give us all this information. So you should look for a horse that suits track conditions. If there is an animal that adapts fully to follow for another race and not bet. Your bet should always be safe and should not risk only because he needs to profit quickly. The 7 types of land are hard; firm; good to firm; good; good to soft; soft; heavy.


Race distance


As in all other sports, the distance is also a factor that determines the performance of athletes, in the case of horses. As mentioned in the article on how to bet on horse races, when we analyze the race card is important to select the horses that have proven in the distance in which they will compete. In this case, take advantage of the fact that Bet365 allow you to see the last race of each horse and see if it has adapted or not easily distance or struggled to start accelerating or finish the race.




Coaches, though not totally decisive, they are who spend more time with the horse. They decide if the horse is better in certain floor, distance, track, etc., so they are always a factor to take into consideration. If you have time available, analyze the quality of the coach in the Timeform Betfair and see if your horses have done well at the distances that your horse will go.




A great jockey can not work miracles with a weaker horse. But a good union horse / jockey can cause double succeed. Always analyze the jockey has raced on that horse before and the results have quality. If this is the first time the jockey mount the horse, consider not bet. Not knowing how will their relationship becomes risky analyze the bet.


Types of Race


Need to Understand the meaning and the category of each race, since they can be surprises:


– Conditions Stakes – races for horses above Class A.


– Classified Stakes – For horses with a maximum rating value that ran at least two or three times and at least one won.


– Handicap – Racing where the horse has to carry a certain weight. The better the horse, the higher your handicap will be (higher weight load).


– Maiden Handicap – For horses 3 years and older with a maximum rating of 70 and ran at least 4 times.


– Maiden – Only participating horses that have never won.


– Rated Maiden – For horses with a maximum rating and that ran at least 3 times.


– Novice – For horses with 2 years of age who have never won more than two races.


– Auction Maiden – For horses with two years that were sold at Auction.


– Selling – To lower classes of horses. The horses running in this race type may be sold at the end of the race.




In Britain and Ireland there is over 60 racecourses, each with their own specific characteristics and its determinants in terms of race, so analyze the different tracks is also essential when carrying out betting on horse races. Racing cards are normally very complete when it comes to the quality of the horse racing incurred by them in a given track, so do not dispose of these factors.




In “Racecards” which are no more than the information of the horses, jockeys and owners in each race, you can analyze some important information as to the horses. You will likely find a series of numbers, for example, 412-0. These values are the classification of the horse in the last five races where he participated, which is important to highlight the 0, which means a worse ranking than 9º and 0 – separating the current period the previous season. You can also find the acronyms, D, C, or CD, which give the indication that the horse earned him a distance equal to that will run in the case of D, which has won at this track in the case of C, or already He won at this track and this distance if the CD.


Each Way


There are two types of market, Win and place (position). the market of Win, only won the bet if the horse wins the race. the market eachway, place or position works as follows:


1-4 runners – There’s only return if they win
5-7 runners – 1st and 2nd places exist return
8-12 corredores- 1st, 2nd and 3rd places exist return
12-16 runners – 1st, 2nd and 3rd places exist return


Always make sure that all possible factors analysis, before betting on a particular race or horse. Analyze all aspects of a horse race is essential to achieve greater certainty at the time of placing the bet on the betting slip.


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