After we explained how to choose a bookmaker, how to open an account at Bet365, it’s time to talk a bit about the common mistakes in sports betting, and what the best strategies to avoid making mistakes when making your bets online. Errors in sports betting are very common, especially in beginners bettors, not applying the basic rules of betting. Although performing predictions is a very positive starting point, it is necessary to take into consideration a number of other important aspects when carrying out bets and manage a gambler stand, so in the end the results are as positive as possible. The vast majority of punters tend not to comply with these basic rules, and therefore, a large percentage ends up losing money on bets. If your goal is to make money with sports betting, consider these common mistakes and how best to get around them to emerge victorious in their guesses.


Bet on Heart Club


Regardless of what the club of his heart, the truth is that the vast majority of bettors tend to bet strong on your favorite club, without looking at the odds, let alone analyze the matches accordingly. Whether you are from Barcelona, Chelsea, Man. United, Juventus or any other club, you must be borne in mind that bet on Heart club, as a rule, it is a bad guess. When is sports betting, it is necessary to be free in the choices it makes, correctly analyzing the games, and realizing concretely where the stakes. When an inexperienced bettor places a good percentage of your bankroll on his favorite team, he is committing a blunder in terms of bankroll management and mainly from bets on opportunity management.


Even though you can place bets in the club of his heart, always takes into account the analysis of the game, the way the teams of past meetings, statistics and all the data that are extremely important to consider before placing a sporting bet any club, tournament or race. If you do not, your chances of winning are very small, even betting on your favorite club!


Betting on sports unknown


Another of the most frequent mistakes in sports betting is certainly betting on unknown sports or where you do not have sufficient knowledge to perform safe and reliable betting. Many bettors tend to make bets in a life habit, and end up making bets on sports such as American Football, Horse Racing, Football Leagues lesser known countries, etc., and end up giving long-term harm. The vast majority of bookmakers such as Bet365, for example, offer numerous sports betting markets in tens of different sports. However, you should have enough insight to realize what sports you feel more at ease, and restrict their bets to those sports exclusively.


Bet in very low odds


Despite an odd low means that there is a clear favorite to win a match, the truth is that bet in very low odds, is a huge risk. If we imagine, for example, that Real Madrid has a 1.05 odd to win a particular game at home, if we invest in 100EUR victory of meringues and win, we will make profit only 5EUR, while we are risking 100EUR, and if it is lost, we will feel a great difficulty in recovering them. Surprises happen in every game, championships and tournaments, so to make their bets, keep in mind these factors, in order to minimize betting vouchers that have no value are not good betting opportunities. Many bettors make the mistake of betting in very low odds, especially in In-Play betting, and end up giving quite badly. If you can, avoid doing so.


Betting on favorites


Clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Milan, etc., are normally favored to win any of the games that compete in their domestic leagues. However, favorites are normally very low odds do not justify the investment and the risk associated with them (see previous point). If you want to bet on the favorite teams to reduce the risk of losses, we recommend you choose to make multiple bets, with reduced investments. By combining the results of several favorite, you get a cumulative odds rather more interesting, and that will allow you to make money if all the selected favorite win their respective games. Many beginners make the mistake of gamblers bet on favorites, forgetting that they also fail. When a favorite failure, the payback is very painful.


Recovering from a loss


Another of the very common mistakes in sports betting is trying to losses recovery. When a gambler loses a bet, as a rule, it will try to recover the money lost in the next moment. When there is no judgment and emotional control, this type of error causes take place bets on games that do not know and / or have not been analyzed properly, resulting in further losses. The method of martingale, for example, is a method that is studied to deal with situations in a calculated manner and mathematics, but always emotional control of the bets and the management of the bank. If you are going to bet to try to recover a loss, do it in perfect conditions and after correctly parse the next bet. Try to avoid trying to recover from a loss the next minute, betting on a result or a coupon at the outset it looks interesting, but actually is not. Bet lost head is never a smart solution.


Bet without thinking about bankroll management


The bankroll management strategies exist because they actually are important from the point of view bettor. When you meet with a betting management system, you know that the game shall not invest more than 5/10% of the total amount of your available bank so that if lost, have enough capital to continue to place bets and then recover from the losses suffered. One of the most common mistakes in sports betting, it is precisely when a gambler decides to bring into play 30%, 40% or even 80% of your bankroll on a single bet, either because it head lost and want to recover from past losses, either because it considers the bet is infallible and that with it will double the value of banking. Whatever the reason, you should never bet more than 5/10% of the banking value, except in very specific cases where we have a Sure Bet, for example.


Play in Casino or Bingo


The vast majority of bookmakers, offers besides sports betting, casino games and bingo services. These are cross-platform game to the same player account, which means that a gambler can invest your bankroll at the casino or even bingo, without having to register a new account. What happens usually is that bettors tend to visit the casino games and bingo, and invest much of your bankroll in games of luck or bad luck, which invariably ends up going wrong. The big difference between the casino / bingo and sports betting, is that in the first case we have luck or bad luck, while in the second case in sports betting, already enters a component analysis and study, that can make all the difference in the outcome. Therefore avoid the most of games of luck and bad luck, it is essential to achieve a positive record in bets.


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