After we talked about How to make your first bet at Bet365, it’s time to talk about other betting strategies, in particular betting strategy in Football (Half-Time / Full-Time). This strategy is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, especially since you will win their bets later or earlier, provided that it remains true to the strategy. This method is much more functional large-scale competitions that do not last long, as the World Cup, European Football, Copa America, etc.


The Strategy


The idea behind this strategy is quite simple. You must choose a team, able to give back to a bad result after losing out to the range (half-time). Usually it is necessary to analyze past statistics, and look for teams that have a tendency to reverse games after the break. The ideal is to select a team that can reverse games regularly during the tournament or even the football season, and remain true to that team by the end of the tournament / season. It is very important to stay true to that team until the end, otherwise the strategy could not run as desired. This method is also applicable to football leagues, provided it remains faithful to one team only.

Depending on the team you choose (Top 4 / Favorite of the tournament, a team that normally ends in the middle of the tournament, or an outsider) your chances (odds) should range from 19 to 30 in most online betting houses common.


The Stake


This strategy is based on patience, and especially the accumulation of several bets lost consecutively. Based on that, choose a stake to make their bets, based on a value with which you feel comfortable. For example, a bet 1.00EUR, for example in Bet365. And as a team, we will select for example Real Madrid.
Choose such a good team like Real Madrid will make you have higher chances of winning your bets faster, while the odds (odds) will drop dramatically and consequently my profit too.


The Strategy in Practice


The season begins, and started our bets with a Stake of 1.00EUR and the accumulated amount in the previous rounds, where those rounds have not been winning. Once one of the bets is winning, we resumed the method 1.00EUR.

1.00EUR bet on Real Madrid in the first round, to go to waste at the break, but to come out on top at the end of the game. Our bet is lost, but the second day we return to bet on the same result, but this time with a bet of 2.00EUR. Returning to lose the bet on Matchday bet 3.00EUR the same type of bet. Repetition is quite simple.

As the days go by, your bet amount gradually rises, and their losses as well. For example, if Real Madrid can only get around to a result in the 23rd round of the championship, we would have the following scenario:

Day 1 – 1.00EUR
Day 2 – 2.00EUR
Day 3 – 3.00EUR
Day 23 – 23.00EUR


Considering that the odds for a reassembled in the 23rd round are 19.00, the amount receivable from bookmaker is 437.00EUR. The total amounts wagered over the 23 days is 1.00EUR + 2.00EUR + 3.00EUR … .. + 22.00EUR 23.00EUR +, which gives a total of 276.00EUR invested.
The total profit figure is: 437.00EUR, less 276.00EUR invested, resulting in 161.00EUR profit. This is profit in 23 days elapsed. Considering that 23 days is too long, the ideal is to apply this method in tournaments like the World Cup, European Football, Copa America, etc., in which the selections are more likely to reverse results in shorter periods.




While the previous example, 161.00EUR not a huge amount to 23 days, the truth is that the value of Stake was also not very high. Still, note that by increasing the value of your bet is logical to increase the long-term loss of chances. Let’s take an example, if the value of our initial Stake was fixed in 5.00EUR:

5.00EUR + 10.00EUR + 15.00EUR …. + 115.00EUR = 1380.00EUR invested the journey 23. The profit would then be 115.00EUR x 19 = 2185.00EUR – 1380.00EUR = 805.00EUR

The riskier a method of this type is undoubtedly the investment. In order to achieve a profit, it is necessary to invest up for a long time, always hoping one day the club reversing a less positive result. This year 2014/2015 at the time, for example, the Real Madrid forward has reversed a negative result to Mallorca in 19th round of the championship, having gone into the break 1-0, reversed the result and won by 1 2 this same match. The same happened in the late Eighth King’s Cup at home against Malaga. After going into the break to lose by 0-2, Real Madrid went on to win 3-2.
Examples are many. To apply this method it is necessary to study some of the available football statistics to understand what teams are more likely to turn negative at the break, choose one and make online bets on an ongoing basis throughout the season to ensure a profit interesting how one of the games the team can turn a less positive outcome at the break. The secret of this method is undoubtedly the patience and consideration.
This strategy can also be performed in live, especially if you watch the games and when a particular team reaches the interval to lose, then realize the commitment to reverse the outcome by avoiding investing a lot of money on games that are clearly to win and that therefore the focus on range / end of the game will not happen. However, in this method, the value of the odds is quite lower.


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