The betting arbitrage strategy is one of the most popular in the industry of online sports betting. Even though there are many tutorials and written content on arbitrage betting, the truth is that the difficulty of putting them into practice is very large, essentially because they are too theoretical.Probably you heard of arbitrage bets, sure bets, etc. Arbitrage betting is a strategy that involves the placing of bets on two or three bookmakers, where the ratio between them is so great that you always win your bet, whatever the result of the game. To find out the best online betting houses to use, see the homepage of our site. Your winnings betting arbitrage will be relatively low, on the order of 1% to 5%, which means that for every € 100 wagered, the return will be in the house of € 1 to € 5.


How to use the betting arbitrage strategy


Imagine that we have Team A and Team B and the following odds in a bookmaker:


Team A to win – 3.75
Draw – 3:40
Team B to win – 1.80


So, you win your bet, whatever the result of the game would have to use the following equation:


1/3.75 + 1/3.40 + 1/1.80 = less than 1;


If the value is less than 1, we can make an arbitrage bets.


However, the vast majority of bookmakers is between 7% and 15% profit of bets, which means that most often the ultimate result of our equation should be by 1:07 and 1:15. In the previous example, the results obtained are .27 + .29 + .56 = 1.12 – meaning that the bookmaker have a profit of 12%.


Now let’s specify the previous odds as being of the bookmaker A, and bookmaker B is giving odds of 2:50 for Team B to win the game. Your calculations should now be .27 + .29 + .40 = .96 which means you can earn 4% by each 100EUR to bet, winning always 4EUR whatever the result of the game.


How to calculate the amounts bet on each result?


Now that you know how to calculate an arbitrage betting, it’s time to understand how to calculate the amounts bet on each of the possible results, in order to achieve a perfect arbitrage:


(1 / odd) * Return% (in our example 100% + 4% or 1:04) * amount to bet (in our example 100EUR);


Therefore, we would have 1 / 3.75 * 1.04 * 100 = 28.08EUR on Team A to win, 1 / 3.40 * 1.04 * 100 = 30.16EUR in the draw, and 1 / 2.50 * 1.04 * 100 = 41.60EUR on Team B to win.


In short, you would have to bet on Team A 28.08EUR, bet 30.16EUR on a draw and 41.60EUR on Team B, with the goal of winning 4EUR whatever the result of the game. As you might have noticed, earnings are very low, and this happens because the arbitration betting, as a rule, the stakes are much higher. If we were talking about a general betting 1000EUR, it would be possible to make 40EUR whatever the result of the game. Find a sure bet (safe bet) is actually quite complicated, as mentioned in other tutorials bets.


If you wish, you can also apply this arbitrage strategy to bets for and against on Betfair, for example, where there are only two odds and the calculation process is relatively simple. If you opt for this route, we recommend arbitration in type bets: plus/less goals, points spreads, etc. The calculations are exactly the same, but there are only two odds available and it makes the calculations simpler.




Please note that making arbitrage betting is always a risk. The bookmakers are constantly changing the odds of the matches, and it is always risky to carry out an arbitration. Many internet sites promote the sure bets and arbitration, but in fact most of them have the outdated calculations. Be careful with that. Moreover, any bookmaker has the right to cancel your wagers at any time, indicating that it was system error or error in the calculation of probability, therefore, note these details in time to make their sports betting. On top of all this, if he has a panel of relatively large player and the ability to bet a few thousand euros can hardly big returns with their betting arbitrage.


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