One of the big differences between a simple bettor or a professional bettor goes through the types of mistakes that commits. However, any type of bettors aspires to be something more or at least get the maximum possible profits. So you can then optimize the quality of your bets we’ll leave you here some mistakes that should take care not to commit or even some types of bets you should avoid.


Certainly, in any part of his betting life, you have already made at least one bet a completely unknown market to themselves or even carelessly. When this happens and you win the bet, the feeling that comes with it is extremely comforting and raises his ego for high flights. However, if the guess is wrong you will most likely feel quite disgusted with himself and find himself the stupid bet you did.


Then we leave some types of bets / procedures that should avoid so you do not waste your money unnecessarily.


Multiple Bets / Accumulated

This is one of the best types of bets, Unfortunately no for you, bettor, but for the online betting houses. If you think not, think. How many times has won a multiple of eight bets? What is the maximum consecutive times managed to win multiple bets? Then easily calculate that your answer will have been no or not more than once. Remember the old saying, “who all want, all lost” and this is a situation where it applies! You can either win and easily take a big profit, but can also easily lose a large amount of money by betting this way. Think of profit in a long term perspective rather than immediately, the latter is the most likely way that leads to your account to zero balance in a short period of time. Still, if you like multiple bets, consider reading this article: How to make your first multiple bet.


Trying to recover from a loss

This is one of the most frequent mistakes of gamblers, which is triggered immediately after a failed bet when the bettor tries at all costs to regain lost investment. Although it can occur in any type of betting, this error is much more usual betting “live”. Live bets are surely the most exciting and best to do. However, if you are unsure use the advantage of being watch live match correctly can easily be driven by momentum and the emotion ruin everything. In most cases, this type of reactions does not bring any returns because it comes down to a thoughtless bet and made almost a desperate situation. Again, remember, in some cases not bet is the best bet you can make.


Betting on Horse Racing

Hardly this is a market which you, gambler, able to take a significant and long profit. Although it is a sport of the upper classes, betting on horses only give good returns to skill in the art who know not only statistics but also the horses and their owners. If you do not fit this kind of gambler, the best thing is to stay away from these bets.


unknown championships

Bets on championships or sports that gamblers do not know are risks they run unnecessarily. By knowing Hajduk Split as one of the strongest sets of Croatia, does not mean they will win every game that the bookmaker offers you. Before making any bet in any game, even those who know better, never do without first studying the two teams that appear. Victory or defeat is independent of the reputation of the teams involved. Never forget that the unexpected results happen and also the probability for themselves, happen to bet on leagues to unaware grows exponentially. A good way to counter this lack of championships and bet with more certainty undergoes read predictions, study statistical data and obtain the most recent form of both teams.


Excessive bets

Especially on weekends, when the major European soccer leagues come into play, there are many games that the bookmakers offer so you can invest your money. This is a period in which any gambler feel tempted to invest their money in more than 2 or 3 matches simultaneously and up to 10 for a whole day. This then is a kind of behavior that should avoid. You’ll never get hit a lot of bets, otherwise teams not needed to take the field and already would know which end of the game. Avoid this type of behavior and bet on less matches with more certainty can save you a good amount of balance in the account.


From the heart team

Bet on teams in which we feel greater empathy is usually a big mistake. Not always our beloved clubs are the strongest as well as the respective championships, not every game that compete even if they are the most well reputed. For this reason, often in situations of doubt, where the best option would not bet, we will always invest our money in what we consider the favorite team, a decision which is emotional, completely opposite to what should be a bet.


Markets with little liquidity (Betfair)

To bet on betting exchanges such as Betfair, it is essential to take into account the liquidity of the market in which to invest. That is, you must always take into account the amount already invested in the market for ensuring that your bet enters the battlefield (to be matched) and do not pending waiting for a match on the opposite side as well avoiding having your money stopped when It could be to be invested in a market with greater liquidity and to give you a more immediate income. If you want to register at Betfair, do it here.


Betting too high a percentage of banking

Another mistake that should avoid making is betting a large slice of money that has on its account bookmaker. This should be avoided because, if the bet is not successful, the player still has a large margin in order to recover the lost value. With this in mind, it is therefore recommended not to put at stake more than 5% of your bankroll on a single bet, meaning if you have € 100 in your account, you should not bet on a single market more than € 5, but may do it into more than one bet type, although it should be moderate to do an excessive number of betting time.


Odds unreasonably high and underdogs

The highest odds are also highly tempting for any gambler. However, a bet with a high value-odd means that the probability of this event takes place is inversely proportional, therefore, unlikely to happen, meaning that the possibility of losing money is much greater than the power multiply . You should therefore avoid falling into this temptation. Another situation that can become misleading in the case of “underdogs” or teams that, despite low expectations are able to surprise the critics and get better results than expected. Usually these sets always have higher odds in matches listed, but as emblems of lower status, despite achieving some good results series will also later or earlier, eventually falter so this is also a type of games You should control his impulse and well-analyze the situation.



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