ExclusiveBet is operated by the company I-Services NV, and its highlight its varied offer and their odds well above the market average. Added to that, the ExclusiveBet offers an initial bonus of 75 € for new players, an equally advantageous offer for all who wish to take advantage of another house sports betting.


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With a wide range of games, events and real opportunities for its players, the ExclusiveBet promotes a service of the highest quality with great dynamic and essentially a differentiated offer and great value. The bonus of 75 € for new players, for example, is one of the most attractive offers on the market right now. This bonus of 50% up to 75 €, allows you to start your walk in ExclusiveBet with a higher starting bankroll, which in turn puts you in a better position to succeed with your sports betting.


In terms of sports betting, the ExclusiveBet has an extremely varied range of course starting with football, where you can find more than 18,000 sporting events to bet. The Tennis also has it a key role in the operation of ExclusiveBet, highlighting all the major tournaments of the male and female world circuit. The Basket has a prominent role also with more than 1000 different sporting events, including the NBA in the United States, the Euroleague, the League Endesa, among many other competitions. Of course, all the national championships in Portugal have a huge highlight in ExclusiveBet, including national basketball championship. You can still find a very large range of other sports such as Handball, Cycling, Motorsport, Ice Hockey, UFC, Volleyball, Rugby, among many others.


For action is even more fantastic, the ExclusiveBet offers still a Casino platform and one of Live Casino, so you can make the most of your free time, have fun and win some great prizes. Casino, for example, ExclusiveBet offers a welcome bonus worth 150 €. There are also special bonuses for the end-of-week, cashbacks, and many other offers that make the casino ExclusiveBet a fantastic opportunity for those looking for action and pure fun.


Finally, the ExclusiveBet also offers a platform Betting In-Play with hundreds of real-time gaming, so you can get the most out of your sports betting while enjoying the games and events as they will elapsing. You can perform single bets, multiple and combined in a variety of to-live, always using the In-Play betting platform ExclusiveBet. Finally, the ExclusiveBet also offers Mobile apps for Android and iPhone, and a mobile version of your website so you can take the ExclusiveBet you to everywhere, making their bets whenever necessary.


Site Interface


The site of ExclusiveBet is clearly a site focused on simplicity. The navigation through the various play areas is carried out in extremely simplified form, with natural emphasis on sports betting platform. On this platform, as the image above illustrates, navigating through sports is carried out on the left, with filters for each sport and also highlighting the In-Play bets are being made right now. At the center are all key events within each of these sports betting facilitating 1X2 without opening the games for this purpose. On the right we find the betting slip, the user account and still a strong focus on bonus of 75 € for new players.


Although not the most beautiful site of all, it’s a fairly simple, dynamic site and that is consistent with the aim of simplifying the lives of those who perform sports betting. It is available also a Live Chat service with the ExclusiveBet operators, facilitating the clarification of doubts and resolution of any issues that may have with your business. In the top menu, still finds emphasis on the Promotions section where you’ll find all bonuses, promotions and offers of ExclusiveBet, up to date.


Use of the ExclusiveBet site is a very interesting experience, taking into account that navigation is simple, direct and objective, facilitating immense life of any gambler who seek to make the most of their online betting. Another of the important aspects is the quality of the odds that the bookmaker offers. Easily we find odds for major sports markets, much higher than other bookmakers offer, which means we can make more money. Support is also very good and it a very positive experience.


Football Betting


Football is undoubtedly the strongest market ExclusiveBet with tremendous supply by more than 18,000 sporting events. Virtually all major World Soccer Championships are present in ExclusiveBet, including the major European leagues Soccer, as the Premier League, the Liga BBVA of Spain, the Ligue 1 of France, Serie A in Italy, the First League Portugal , among many others.


But the offer of ExclusiveBet not stop there. Also available are Mexico Soccer championships, Asia, Australia, Belgium, Chile, Cyprus, Jamaica, Russia, among many other countries that have a huge highlight in ExclusiveBet, strongly expanding the range of options available to gamblers who seek real opportunities for earn money.


Betting on Other Sports


As mentioned earlier, the ExclusiveBet not exclusively focuses its offer in the Football. Are available dozens of other sports like tennis, where you can easily find all the major tournaments of World Circuit Tennis, including the ATP circuit, the Davis Cup, the WTA circuit, and all the Grand Slam tournaments. Basketball are available also all major World Basket competitions, with special emphasis the NBA in the United States and the Euroleague in Europe. Still, you can find competitions in countries such as Argentina, Slovenia, the Philippines, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, among many others, strongly widening the spectrum of possibilities for bettors who like and regularly accompany Basketball.


The Handball, Motorized Sports, Volleyball, Golf, Ice Hockey, Skiing, Billiards and Cycling are just a small fraction of what you can find in ExclusiveBet in terms of sports betting.


ExclusiveBet bonuses


The ExclusiveBet offers a 50% bonus up to € 75 for new players in sports betting. This means that if you deposit € 150 on your first deposit, you get immediately an additional 75 € for bets by starting your hike in ExclusiveBet with a starting bankroll of € 225, which has certainly allow you to take advantage of the huge opportunities in the site to make money. Added to this fantastic bonus, the ExclusiveBet also offers a 100% bonus up to € 150 for new players Casino. This means that if you deposit € 150 in casino ExclusiveBet, receives over € 150 bonus for fun in the casino with a starting bankroll of € 300. There are also several other offers in progress, as the bonus end-of-week, cashback betting casino, among other offers and promotions regularly published on the company website.


ExclusiveBet contacts


The ExclusiveBet has several contact forms available on its website, starting of course by email. You can write to support@exclusivebet.eu whenever you need help with anything related to your player account. On the website you will also find a contact form if you want faster speed of your communications with one of the company’s operators. Finally, also on site, is available a Live Chat, you can use to contact directly and in real time with one of several operators ExclusiveBet, to answer questions and solve problems.


Methods of Payment / Withdrawal


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To deposit and withdraw your money in ExclusiveBet, the company offer various payment methods to make your work simpler and more effective bettor. Unlike other companies in ExclusiveBet there are no commissions at the time of depositing on the site, which means that all money deposited is automatically in your player account to be wagered. To deposit money into your player account of ExclusiveBet can use one of the following methods available:


Credit Card VISA
Visa Electron
Visa Debit
Bank Transfer
ATM (briefly)


For lifting money in ExclusiveBet, the company also provides various options for raising money available in your player account to your bank account or electronic funds portfolio. There are also several lifting means available, and the company does not charge a fee for processing these same surveys, that is, all the funds that decide to lift the ExclusiveBet is automatically transferred to you. To withdraw your money from your betting account of ExclusiveBet can use one of the following methods available:


Credit cards
Bank Transfer






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